Tales From a Same Day Courier

delivery guyBeing a same day courier driver is by no means an easy job and though it might seem like a good option to earn a bit of cash especially if you are willing to go the extra mile. However courier drivers have to face quite a number of problems while transporting different varieties of goods. Some of the obstacles involved are

  • Being stuck in traffic jams for long hours
  • Often being asked to deliver packages to unknown locations and often losing the way by making a few or sometimes even one wrong turn.
  • Driving through whatever kind of weather there is. You can’t say no to deliver an important document even if it’s raining cats and dogs.
  • Sometimes delivering packages on the same day means you might even need to work the late night shift which in turn means that f you are on the road and your eyes keep closing due to lack of sleep than camping out in your car in the middle of nowhere is the only option.
  • If you forget to pack a lunch than you either eat from a restaurant or if there is not one in sight you often go hungry till the time you spot one.

A Day In The Life Of A Courier

Let’s talk about Ted, he’s a courier driver who works the morning and evening shifts both. Since he’s a high school dropout there aren’t many jobs which are being offered to him and driving a car is what he’s good at he found himself landing a job as a courier.

The company which he works for asks him to be on time, well before 8 o clock in the morning, being late means that he risks his reputation and that of his superiors as well. Often he has to skip breakfast and only grab an apple or if he’s lucky he might get a few minutes to stop at star bucks for his favorite coffee.

The first assignment for him is to deliver a set of important documents to an attorney’s office, get them stamped and then bring them back to where he collected them in the first place. As soon as he’s on his way he’s met with a traffic jam, but thankfully he knows his way about pretty well and drives off from another route. If the traffic jam was the least of his problems he would have borne it anyway but nature seemed to be on the opposite side and it started raining cats and dogs. The muddy and jagged roads make driving a bane, but somehow he makes his way to the attorney’s office all the while making sure that the smile is plastered on his face.

On the way back he seems to be running low on gas, can’t see a station in sight and is relieved to find one just minutes before the car gives up on him. This is just one of the everyday scenarios which each and every courier driver might be going through. But courier drivers are well planned and mentally aware of all the troubles which could befell them.

Being a courier driver may sound easy but it’s a whole lot of hard work too.


Same Day European Freight Considerations

courierThere are a number of rules which most courier services have to follow when starting out. Adhering to the rules ensures that you stay in business and become well known as well. The following are some things which need to be considered when embarking on a business in the courier industry

Transporting Goods By Road In UK

You need the following for same day courier delivery anywhere in the UK

  • It is essential to follow the rules of the driving hour
  • A license should also be handy at all times.
  • It is also mandatory to follow the traffic rules

Transporting Goods Throughout Europe

In order to transport goods internationally a company needs to employ the services of freight forwarders. They are responsible for the following functions

  • They help move your gear from one place to another
  • They are also responsible for the clearance of your goods
  • Their responsibility also entails that they oversee the packaging and safe delivery of all your parcels.
  • The documentation required for transporting these goods is also done by a freight forwarder.

International Freight Forwarding

The following things must be taken in to account when transporting freight in Europe

  • Documentation: it is necessary that all documents which might be required are present with the driver of the freight. Whether the freight is being transported by air, land or sea there are different documentation required for each. It is thereby necessary to consider each document separately.
  • The packing material to be used: It is essential that the goods are packaged in a way that they are able to retain their original form. This means that the goods to be transported must always be in top condition. The usual packaging is made of wood, with great emphasis on the wood being properly fumigated and free from all sorts of pests.


Essential Documents Required For European Freight

  • A standard shipping note is required which takes into account the type of goods being transported and the number of goods being transported.
  • Separate cargo shipping instructions. These include the necessary precautions which the driver must take while transporting your goods, like how to handle your particular goods and so on. These ensure that the cargo is delivered as much precaution as possible.
  • It is also essential to have an export license.
  • A CMR note is also necessary and you have got to have four copies of the CMR note. One for the receiver, for the supplier, one for the courier staff and a copy which might be used for administration purposes.
  • A CMR note consists of information about the goods, the complete weight of the cargo, the packaging of the goods.